New product launch: pACP to unlock new revenue streams for retailers and service providers

New product launch: pACP to unlock new revenue streams for retailers and service providers

July 2022 – axefinance, a global software provider focused on end-to-end lending automation solutions, is pleased to release its new product offering Partner ACP – pACP – 

Customers nowadays are looking for retailers offering easy-to-use, fully digital, and affordable financing solutions to build a direct relationship with rather than a third-party lender. To help banks transform their partners into real digital credit enablers while unlocking new product channels & revenue streams, axefinance launches partner ACP – pACP – a user-friendly solution offering a seamless financing journey available in-store or across the retailer’s e-commerce channels (website or mobile app).

This new open lending platform will ensure prompt loan disbursement through a simplified process at the Point of sale (POS), alleviating the need for long bank processes and assisting both the business and the customer.

pACP empowers businesses with a prompt loan initiation on the go through powerful APIs ensuring an omnichannel journey along the credit application process. It leverages face/ID recognition, content extraction, and other AI-driven features to speed up this first crucial step in a BNPL/POS financing context.

pACP offers traditional & AI-based scoring integrated into one single platform for accurate credit decisions. It allows the creation of loan eligibility rules in a very user-friendly manner for flawless risk mitigation.

Thanks to pACP embedded administration tools, pricing and approval workflows can be tailored to each and every partner’s industry vertical.

Ensuring seamless integration with external and internal databases while complying with GDPR international directives, country regulations, and bank policies, pACP users will offer an ultimate digital financing journey to customers. pACP advanced data analytics tools and rich dashboards will help efficient loan monitoring while underlining cross-selling opportunities.

pACP provides the best user experience to the bank, the partner, and the customer. Embedded intuitive administration tools (BRM, GUI Designer, BPM, DMS, and Identity & Access Management) give the user total self-sufficiency in creating and managing partner lists, groups of partners, Bank’s terms & conditions agreed with the bank, partners’ promotions, commissions, special offers, agents & store lists, partners’ products, pricing catalogs, list of contracts, and borrowers and co-borrowers

pACP is the ultimate future-proof integrated BNPL & POS financing solution, its benefits are tangible not only for retailers but can be extended safely to any stakeholder in the credit value chain.

Imen JGHAM, Chief Marketing Officer at axefinance says:

BNPL model is hotting up! pACP, our Open Lending platform, is the Next-Gen solution for banks willing to transform their partners into real digital credit enablers. This newly launched solution offers an end-to-end automated POS financing solution suitable for existing and new-to-bank customers. pACP helps automate efficiently the loan management from the very first omnichannel initiation to the final loan management steps (disbursement, collection, and servicing). Similar to all our modules, pACP leverages AI for better risk mitigation, paperless & fast-track loans, and more cross-selling opportunities. Goods are now at the fingertips of the customers while retailers and banks are generating more revenue. 


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