Polaris Bank (ex Skye Bank plc.) Successfully Goes live



After a thorough selection process, Polaris Bank (ex Skye Bank plc.) picked axefinance to automate its corporate lending. Now, after successfully going live, Polaris Bank (ex Skye Bank plc.) benefits from a 360° view for loan processing, scoring & internal rating, and collateral management.

Thanks to ACP, Polaris Bank (ex Skye Bank plc.) is also speeding up loan applications and processing without sacrificing decision-making quality. ACP allows Polaris Bank (ex Skye Bank plc.) to reduce operational risk and data loss during credit processing thanks to tighter document management and reduced paperwork. All this while maintaining full compliance with Polaris Bank (ex Skye Bank plc.)’s lending policies as well as local and international regulatory requirements.


Olawoyin Babajide Alabi, Acting Deputy Chief Credit Officer / ACP implementation Team Lead at Polaris Bank (ex Skye Bank plc.) concludes:

“Polaris Bank (ex Skye Bank plc.) prides itself on being one of the pioneers in Nigeria and the region in the adoption of innovative financial technologies that will benefit both our team and our customers. It was crystal clear for us that axefinance is a technically sound partner offering a powerful credit automation solution fitting our needs of performance optimization, credit risk mitigation and gain of efficiency. Indeed, the project was completed on time and on budget. After such a smooth collaboration in the corporate lending digitalization, we’re keen to launch the second phase in order to extend ACP to Retail Lending as soon as planned in our transformation agenda.”

Besides, Karim Rekik, executive partner at axefinance explains:

“We strongly believe that ACP deep focus on lending solutions remains our most important asset to continue to meet the growing needs of global financial institutions like POLARIS Bank. In fulfilling the lofty expectations of this leading nigerian bank in terms of quality & total cost of ownership, axefinance is helping POLARIS Bank’s executives focus on their core business and strategic goals while gaining a clear competitive advantage and also reaching best in-class levels of Lending efficiency and performance.”



About Polaris Bank (ex Skye Bank plc.):

A leading financial services provider in West Africa. With headquarters in Nigeria, the bank maintains subsidiaries in Sierra Leone, the Gambia, the Republic of Guinea with over 373 branches and cash centres. Polaris Bank (ex Skye Bank plc.) has earned a reputation for exceptional customer service. The bank has invested significantly in the acquisition and deployment of Information Technology for enhanced customer experience across its multiple service delivery channels. Polaris Bank (ex Skye Bank plc.) is also the winner of Best Bank in Risk Management Award (Conrad Clark Nig. Limited) in 2014.


About us:

Founded in 2004, a global provider of lending automation solution, axefinance offers ACP (on-premise solution or SaaS) as an end-to-end integrated solution focused on all aspects of the lending process: corporate lending, limits and collateral management, retail lending, and collection and provisioning. Today, axefinance has customers across 20 countries and offices in Amsterdam, Dubai, Tunis and Frankfurt. Customers of axefinance include well renowned banks such as Société Générale- IBFS, Banque Internationale de Luxembourg, Développement International Desjardins, First Abu Dhabi Bank, and Access Bank.

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