axefinance is aiming at empowering the bank with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning driven innovative functionalities for a compelling digitalization of the credit & risk process.

axeAI includes the following components:

– axeEWS: an AI-powered Early Warning Signals Solution to move faster from a reactive to a proactive approach for credit portfolio monitoring

– axeScoring: an ML-based scoring framework for a more accurate and transparent approach assessing creditworthiness

Below some AI applications throughout the credit value chain:

axeAI, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Lending

Streamlining and Speeding up Credit Initiation

KYC, digital onboarding, and credit origination processes are significantly accelerated through a direct interaction of the borrower through the customer portal where a credit simulation can be initiated through Chatbot using text and audio mining techniques. A credit simulation may be converted to a credit application in a couple of clicks, then all uploaded documents (Address proof, Employer proof, NID, Tax ID, Commercial registration, etc.) can be recognized thanks to OCR and Computer vision capabilities. To sum up, all of the above-mentioned steps are verified for compliance based on the bank’s templates and synchronized with the client/credit file.

Differentiating reliable borrowers from unreliable ones in order to make well-informed credit decisions

Apart from classical data sources (credit bureaus, CBS…) and rule-based decisioning, axeAI enhances credit decisioning quality and Time to Yes integrating new data sources (Adverse Media, Sentiment Analysis, Social Scores among others), and ML-based decision & scoring models. axeAI and ML capabilities help accurately determine creditworthiness based on customer repayments and transactions history as well as news aggregation and reference websites.

An enhanced collection activity leveraging AI to move from a reactive to a proactive approach for credit portfolio monitoring

Bankers are continuously looking for a solution to proactively enhance credit portfolio quality, anticipate loan delinquencies, and build optimal recovery plans. axefinance addresses innovatively this need thanks to its AI-powered Early Warning Signals Solution, axeEWS.

Bankers are now simply exploring and mining an extensive range of data sources to easily generate model-based, unforeseen, and relevant Early Warning Signals. Read more about axeEWS.


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