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ACP, an end-to-end loan origination software

Reinvestment in R&D





axefinance offers ACP, Axe Credit Portal, a powerful end-to-end integrated software for credit automation. ACP helps lending institutions increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs through operational efficiency, proactively mitigate risk and ensure compliance with regulations.

Corporate Lending

Designed to more effectively automate and manage the credit lifecycle and follow up processes. It streamlines the whole credit chain from client onboarding to facility sanctioning, all the way through origination, appraisal, rating, approval, credit administration and covenant monitoring.

Limit & Collateral Management

Manage & monitor limits and exposure at bank wide level across banking & trading book by interfacing with various source systems. The entire Collateral Lifecycle is handled in axe Collateral Management solution, starting from the credit initiation at proposal stage all the way through valuation

Commercial Lending

Allows banks to automate efficiently loans granted to SMEs. It streamlines key processes from onboarding till disbursement so that RM’s, underwriters, and portfolio managers optimize their time reducing repetitive and manual administrative tasks.

Collection & Provisioning

Create & manage recovery & collection processes subsequent to loan classification and credit events including remedial and litigation actions.
Capture all the required inputs to calculate individual or collective provisions. Enhance efficiency reducing calculation time from 3-4 weeks to less than one hour.


Enhance customer satisfaction, Reduce time to market fully automating the loan processing from walk-in all the way through disbursement thanks to workflow and rule engine features (enhanced STP capability, eligibility engine, native dedupe functions, flexible and rule-based document checks and generations…)

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