Lending in the metaverse, get ready for a new turning point!

Upcoming webinar: Lending in the metaverse, get ready for a new turning point!

Save the date: Thursday, December 7, 2023 at 11:30 AM (GMT+1)


Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring our CEO Dhafer Berrachid and CCO Chris Kneen as they delve into the transformative potential of the Metaverse in shaping the future of Digital Lending. Uncover the Metaverse’s mysteries as we explore new horizons of lending in the virtual realm and take a deep dive into the immersive customer experience and financing journey within the Metaverse. Don’t miss this eye-opening session that provides expert insights into the future of banking.

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Axe Finance’s CEO Dhafer Berrachid and CCO Chris Kneen invite you to explore the following agenda: 

        / Demystifying the metaverse

        / The metaverse: Unlocking new opportunities

        / A typical immersive CX and financing journey in the metaverse

        / Building blocks of a metaverse lending solution

        / What’s concrete in the metaverse

        / Threats and constraints of lending in the metaverse

        / Q/A session


About Axe Finance

Founded in 2004, a global market-leading software provider focused on credit risk automation for lenders looking to provide an efficient, competitive, and seamless omnichannel journey.   

axefinance developed Axe Credit Portal – ACP – a future-proof AI-driven solution to automate the entire credit lifecycle from KYC to servicing including origination, credit scoring, and automatic decision-making.   

ACP is a multi-segment digital lending solution covering not only Retail, Commercial, Corporate, FIs, and Sovereign segments but also other specific types of lending such as Microfinance, BNPL, embedded financing, Islamic Finance, debt servicers, and collectors. 

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