axe Limit Management

A proactive approach for credit limits monitoring

axe Limit Management

Corporate Lending

Fully integrated with the Corporate Lending platform, axe Limit Management allows banks to handle credit limits at both client and portfolio levels from their activation through their entire lifecycle. This allows financial institutions to manage and proactively monitor their limits across business segments offering a centralized observation point for all stakeholders in the credit portfolio management and risk chain


axe Limit Management handles multi-level facility structures of all types across the bank departments: Corporate & Commercial Lending, Treasury, Trade Finance, Specialized Lending, etc. All types of wholesale clients are handled, including Large and Mid-Corporates, Investment Banks, SMEs, Non-bank Financial Institutions (NBFI), Public Sector Groups (PSG) and High Net-worth Individuals (HNI).

Besides Client Limits, axe Limit Management allows Global Portfolio limit monitoring. This feature covers internal risk limits such as Country, Sector, Rating class, Product limits or any combination of risk dimensions as well as regulatory concentration limits (Single Obligor, Large Exposures, etc.).

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Monitor your client limits to maximize
your Reward at a Lower Risk

  • Monitor facility limits automatically
  • Handle complex multi-level limit structures
  • Capture the full limit terms and conditions
  • Handle all types of limits including Settlement and Pre-Settlement limits
  • Manage time-bucket limits for Derivatives
  • Aggregate utilizations at any level of the limit structure
  • Benefit from Real time Pre-Deal check limit breaches
  • Respond immediately to customer utilization requests
  • Generate statistics on utilization levels across the limit lifecycle
ACP Workflow
ACP Workflow

Aggregate credit risk portfolio exposures for a better limit monitoring

  • Automate and speed up the credit risk consolidation process across the Bank portfolio
  • Slice and dice views of the credit Portfolio through multiple dimensions (sector, country, rating classes, assets, etc.)
  • Drill down/up through any dimension of the Portfolio consolidation strategies
  • Benefit from enterprise-wide risk reporting of credit-related activities from executive overview down to branch/RM/transaction levels for wiser strategic actions on the bank portfolio
  • Set Portfolio Limits across a combination of dimensions and monitor/address Breaches/Excesses in a pre-deal manner
  • Simultaneously monitor all types of exposures (Gross, Net, Shadow, EAD, Outstanding, MTM, etc.)
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with regards to concentration limits such as Single Obligor exposure against the bank own funds
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