Webinar: Lending & AI, beyond the hype, what’s concrete ?


Webinar: Lending & AI, Beyond the hype, what’s concrete?

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Lending & AI: Beyond the hype – what’s concrete?
The coronavirus crisis has escalated the need for financial institutions to digitalize their processes. One specific area that comes under the spotlight is lending. The digitalization of a financial institution’s lending process is no longer an option, but a requirement in this current economic climate. Firms must consider the compelling benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning for their credit management process in order to overcome the COVID-19 economic crisis while staying ahead of the competition.
In this free webinar, axefinance and Fintech Futures experts will showcase real customers’ use cases and will demonstrate the benefits of AI and ML throughout the entire lending lifecycle, from onboarding to decision making.
Webinar highlights:
1. COVID-19 impact and how to emerge stronger when digitalizing lending processes
2. Smart Data & e-decisioning solving the paradigm Business v/s Risk
3. Lending More & Smarter using AI & ML
4. Change management and Lending digitalization,